Furby 25th Anniversary - VidCon Anaheim, CA 2023
The Furby World Re-Release was a collaborative creative effort between Hasbro's Furby team as well as my agency team (myself for print execution, 3D and strategy). Two individual spaces were created from a shipping container and built out to be functional rooms. The first theme was Furby's Room, which was loaded with 90's patterns and nostalgia to speak to this blast from the past being rebooted 20+ years later. Lined with 4" fur on the walls, dichromic vinyl ceiling accents, crystal cord-style phones - this time capsule was designed for Furby inspired selfie mode and encouraged with gamification with AR/VR elements.
Our experiential execution for Furby's Room included AR/VR trigger tie-ins which included a Furbish Dictionary, Furby themed tarot cards, a pizza-box and a Furby calendar. I was provided some limited, early preliminary Furby assets and given the green-light to use whatever elements were available to me with free rein. 
Above: Furby tarot card AR/VR trigger
Project Ownership & Collaboration
Agency: MC2 / Hasbro
My Role: 2D Design (Print, AR/VR)
Internal collaboration 3D concepting, Strategy and 2D design.
My favorite piece to design was the AR/VR trigger calendar graphic that was marked with certain dates that related to Furby/Hasbro events. I created individual scenes that tied back into the Furby's Room theme with an emphasis on the 90's nostalgia.
Above: Furby Calendar AR/VR trigger
Furby's DJ Lightbooth
What was concepted (left) vs what was produced (right).
Above: Furby's DJ Lightbooth
Furby's Room
What was concepted (left) vs what was produced (right).
Above: Furby's Room
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