I'm Ariana Lee, a multi-faceted experiential creative who believes some of the best work happens in the details. I specialize in print/2D with a background in production, large format and fabrication processes. With roots that stem from a decade in Southern California in the automotive industry, I am now centered in the Pacific Northwest and work with an array of industries. 
Growing up in a family of creatives; my mom specifically coming from a fashion background, I always had my nose buried in fashion magazines like VOGUE - which is where my spark for advertising came from. Magazines were never about reading the articles as a kid, I was in love with type treatments and layouts. Photography advertisements mesmerized me with the lighting, makeup and product placement. Segway to one of my first jobs doing store front window designs for a small fashion boutique in my hometown - I wanted nothing more than to create the beautiful scenes you'd see in Bloomingdale's windows or Anthropology.
Pair these two passions with a graphic design degree and a flare for shooting photography - I found myself in the experiential design world quickly after college. 
I love anything tactile, printing graphics correctly is an art of its own when you get into substrates and printing method techniques. Fabrication can bring 2D designs to life through lighting and movement. 
At the end of the day, I just like creating. Be it digital, print, photography, events. Its all about the details.
Brands I've Worked With:
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